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RAC Week

This year, Reading Across Curriculum (RAC) collaborated with the English and Art subjects, providing students with a special learning opportunity. The program aims to encourage students to engage in interdisciplinary learning and integrate reading into different subjects.

Through the collaboration with the English subject, students had the opportunity to learn how to write poems in an interesting way. They were able to explore the techniques and styles of poetry writing through creating their own poems. This not only helps enhance their creative writing skills but also cultivates their interest and appreciation for literature.

At the same time, RAC also collaborated with the Art subject, allowing students to design bookmark decorations using plants. This not only allows students to unleash their creativity and design unique bookmarks but also introduces them to the beauty of plants. By combining with art, students can develop aesthetic sense and artistic expression through the design process.

Such collaborative programs provide students with a diverse learning environment, enabling them to develop comprehensive skills in reading, writing, and art. Furthermore, interdisciplinary learning helps students apply their acquired knowledge to different contexts, enhancing their ability to integrate and apply knowledge in various situations.

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