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The Full Story


            Our school is situated in the Red Plum Valley surrounded by greenery. It is a wonderful place for prose, poetry and art. There have been many famous poems about tree and nature in the field of literature.

Of all, I particularly like the one, Trees,

by Joyce Klimer, an American writer and poet (1886-1918).

"A tree that looks at God all day, 

and lifts her leafy arms to pray;..."


The couplet well fits our school, a Christian school, in the valley.

With a humble and united heart,

our students and staff learn together in the grace of God. 

                Founded in 2022, the journal is named with our school tree, African Tulip Tree, aka the Fountain Tree, which has long accompanied us for several decades during the days of rain and sun. Several years ago, I wrote a story inspired by the tree and the school, Floating, which brought me the first writing award. The Fountain Tree. The fountain of our learning, of our love, of our poetry, of our stories, of our art is here, in the campus, in the journal.  It starts; it passes  and it lasts...

                                                                       Ms. Flo Au 

                                                                         Chief Editor 

                                                                           July 2022



We are all unique. This is the platform to express our diversity through language and art. We celebrate our differences, appreciate the goodness and endeavor to improve ourselves. 


      We learn to see. We learn to  feel.

 We learn to express.

          We would like to see how language and art, the gifts of God,  blend into our everyday life. We would like to see how they bring us solace, how they bring us pleasure and how they bring us imagination. 

Photos by Ms. S.Y. Yu

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