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2023-24 1st term 


"You are what you read" Robert DiYanni, 2021

Enjoy reading! 

Actively participate in RAC week!

2nd Term 22-23  Jan 2023

    The Finalists Of Six-Word Stories    

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1st Term 22-23 Oct 2022

The Six-Word Story Contest (2022-23) is over. Thank you for your participation. The longlist of the students' works will be released soon. Stay tuned. See if you can find yours there!

Man by the Water

"Everything comes in time to him who knows how to wait."  Leo Tolstoy(1828-1910, A Famous Russian Writer

The wait is over! Hold your breath and beat the drums for the longlist below. Taste the stories now...

1st Term 22-23 Nov 2022


1A 12 Ni Shun Lui

Mandy, no homework. Mum, teacher, punishment.

1A 13 Pang Oi Yee Heidi

A lovely girl dances with happiness.

1C 6 Ho Yui Lam Erin

Lost penguin. Travels world. Finds family!

1D 11 Li Sum Yee Reese

I had nightmares when I dreamed.


2B 6 Cordelia Hui

“Boom” and you are the next.

2B 7 Estellis Khu

He shines. His heart is ink.

2B 17 Jacob Fung

Pet dog found; grandpa passed away.

2B 23 Thomas Lo

Met. Friends. Best buddies. Graduated. Strangers.

2C 10 Lo Pui Yan

I escaped. They were outside too.

2D 26 Bert Wang

Nick put poison in my juice.

2E 1 Eunice Chan

The magic of the cat mask.


2A 27 Yeung Pak To

He killed her but she breathed.

2A 25 Anson Wong

I’m dead but still in pain.

Time flies; things change, except me.

2A 24 Jeffrey

Empty cars driving along the road.

2A 5 Nathalie Chau

She is saying goodbye to me.

2A 11 Wong Cheuk Ki

When the sun rose, she cried.

Glue sticks his hair on walls.

2B 24 Tison Tam

The sun drank the whole river.

2B 25 Tonio Wong

I keep social distance in dreams.


3A 20 Anson Khoo

Fantasy and reality, make you collapse

3A 28 Castor Yeung

Login now. Learn, work, enjoy. Logout.

3A 4 Ho Hiu Yee, Cobie

I fatigue; I forgive; I forget.

3A 13 Wu Ho Yin Joyce

Family reunion without family this year.

3A 25 Hui Tsz Hei Cedric

I remember them. They forgot me.

3B 13 Chan Pak Hei, Hayson

Respect others, or people despise you.

3C 8 Zoe Hu

We are getting married, but separately

3C 14 Tommy Chan

I turn we, we turn family


4A 11 Tsang Wing Shan

She died, her legend still alive.

4A 16 Cheng Lok Hei

A promise. She believed. He lied.

4B 5 Lau Yeuk Hei Hazel

He got the glory. Satisfied? Regret.

4B 6 Leung Ka Po Bobo

She shouted. She cried. He bewildered.

4B 7 Ma Ching Man Lynn

I married her. We never met.

4B 17 Lam Yau Wai Hugo

Desperate inside, the smile never fades.

4D 5 Cheng Fei Fei, Sheeta

She goes in, never coming back.

4D 9 He Hoi Yin Wendy

Selfish and arrogant, he became lonely.

4D 13 Pang Hong You Chloe

Life goes on but hers doesn’t.

From the longlist, five stories will be shortlisted by the editor. Then there will be a public voting for the overall winner and judges' picks. Details will be announced soon. 

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Our Social Worker's Picture Book on Father and Son Relationship

Art for Healing

1st Term 22-23 Dec 2022

Three F.2 Avid Readers

Our school has joined Wiseman e-reading program in which students can read a wide range of current global issues. These three F.2 students, Jacob Fung, Cordelia Hui and Tison Tam excel in their learning scores among students in other schools. Cordelia is even ranked as the first place. 

Kiddos, keep it up!
We are proud of you 

Wanna be like them? 
  Now login   the link    and improve your   English!   You can learn and have fun. 

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”


                       George R.R. Martin

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