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Writing on Beach

Erasure Art Pieces

2nd Term Feb. 2023-24

Guided by Mr. Alex Garcia, the VA and English teacher, F.3 students created erasure literary work based on Orson Scott Card's sci-fi, Ender's Game p. 72 and 73. The best five pieces are created by 3C Lam Zelene, 3A Au Shun Yan, 3A Fan Hoi Ching, 3A Lung Hoi Yi and 3D Wong Ling Tsz (2023-24). 

Erasure Poems


2A Erin Ho (2023-24)

Orchestral soundtrack,

the universe,

sing a unique song. 

Our day and nights

through the tiny pitch 

in space

travel away.

Erasure poem created using the article Symphony of Stars by Ben Maycock p.16 from Brain Space Magazine. 


4D  Ravi (2023-24)

Facing an extremely

tough competitor,

change and manipulate 


Change human decisions.

Story filled with toxic,


the sick, elderly and poor restricted


Erasure poem created using the page Conversation (p.2) from Time Magazine May 20, 2019. 


Ms. Sammi Wong (Vice Principal)

Unique and proud,

solitude and joy,

firelight glowing on a hearth.

Red and green and yellow, lighted candles,

golden and soft and gleaming,

smiling together on a couch.

Hugged one another.

Erasure poem created using Lois Lowry's The Giver  (p. 153-154). 

O For Ocean

3A  Jacab Fung (2023-24) 


near the sea waters,

gathered with musicians,

preparing to change their musical instruments that they shaped. 

They danced and 

performance had become 

the global stage.
It was 

the ocean.

Erasure poem created using the article O from National Geographic p. 34.

Gravel Road into the Forest

Responses to the story Floating 

螢幕擷取畫面 2024-02-10 141935.png
poster created using canva

The illustrations were done by an alumnus, Matthew Chan, a master graduate in Visual Arts in Education University, when he studied here.

 “All he knew it was his time. It came so natural like a born floater. He was floating in the air, letting the wind sustain his body.” 


The boy floated. Once deemed impossible, but through the empathy and care, the ability is bestowed upon him. He gained the confidence and then developed his ability to soar across the sky. He could finally see himself, Sirius, the brightest star.


The boy was plagued by despondency at the start. He saw everyone took flight but could not join. Only left himself the sensations of  envy and vexation. Worthless is his word. As the story described, he was a snail. A snail yearning to fly. 

I think everyone is different, but there is something that we are all the same--none of us is perfect. Even the famous Albert Einstein couldn’t properly take care of himself. Each of us possesses flaws and special needs.

4B Cedric Sy (2023-24)


Ms. Chan Ching Wa

Chinese Language Teacher

Head of Counselling Committee

Labeling is discouraged on the whole. Firstly, long-term labels can easily become a stereotype. In the meantime, people will ignore other characteristics of the individual as the label is too conspicuous, thus viewing others with a labeled and flat eyesight. In addition, labelling affects not only people’s views of others but also people’s understanding of themselves. Psychology regards labelling as bringing about a labelling effect. Labels have a certain guiding role, which affects people's self-identity. Sometimes labels will even encourage people to develop in the direction of labels, hindering people's holistic development in the future. The natural development of a growing character deviates from its original course.


Humans are complex individuals. Each person has his or her own unique character. We should not and cannot be defined in a single way. At the same time, we should not use rigid and imprisoned thoughts to understand ourselves and others, but we should look at everyone with an open and tolerant perspective, while also focusing on the qualities we possess. Let things take their natural course.

5C Tracy Tsoi (2023-24)

Since every one of us is a unique  being (including you and me), the things you have experienced may be different from others, which may help you to develop your very own personality. Our uniqueness may often make people confused because we know we will soon be meeting many people and we often find it difficult to identify them by their uniqueness. To identify all of the people we’ve met, we tend to make use of “labels”. 

However, every coin has two sides. Labels may also act as pressure because you may doubt yourself. Once you cannot overcome it, you may get destroyed by the great pressure. Therefore, you need to have a strong and positive mind to face the labels. Although the process may be hard and frustrating, the sweet taste of overcoming the pressure from labels is irreplaceable. I hope all of us can overcome the adverse effect of labeling just as Sirius overcame the label of “a kid that can’t float” and enjoy the happiness of being a better person.

4D Issac Fung (2023-24)

In the pursuit of personal growth and development, positive psychology can be our guiding light.  By exploring your passions and interests, we can foster a sense of purpose and fulfillment.  Embracing a growth mindset allows us to view challenges as opportunities for learning and growth, empowering you to overcome obstacles and reach your full potential.  Set our own goals, work hard, and unleash our inner abilities.  Remember, each one of us is unique, with our own set of talents and strengths.  Embrace our uniqueness and believe in our abilities, we can develop our potential, nurture our talents, and create a life that aligns with our true self.

Ms Wong Miu Han

Vice Principal (Specializing in counselling) 

"Then he saw it. He saw his name, the word he had been avoiding. Sirius, the brightest star. His name was Sirius. He yelled it out loud."


The Most Hilarious Haiku 



Flightless birds and egg-layers they be. 

With wings evolved to flippers for swimming in the sea. 

Dark and white feathers are their symbols of Aves. 

In the sky? Don't be silly! 

They are only in the southern hemisphere!

Mr. Tsang Wing Kei  Vice Principal                                        (Specializing in Science) 

A Bird?          4B Jacob Wai (2023-24)


Penguin in the sky

When you see it, don’t be shy.

Join fast! Don’t ask why.

"Let me see if I can fly up to the sky."

"When you see us, do you feel shy?"

"Are we birds or mammals?" 

New school term starts... 

1st Term Aug  2023-24

Let's begin with some fun challenges.

The photos and drawing contributed by Ms S. Y. Yu, who has recently developed interest in sketching the photos of birds she takes. More drawings by Ms. Yu can be found in Art for Healing. 

Nature in Poetry

During summer holidays, did you have chance to explore the environment around you. Did you go traveling? Did you go hiking? What does nature mean to you?  Perhaps it can be represented in photos and drawings. It can also be manifested in words. 

Many Hong Kongers love travelling to Japan. Indeed Japanese literature also influences English culture. Haiku, a type of poem with only three lines, originates from Japanese poetry and brings a significant impact to English literature. A famous modernist poet, Ezra Pound, also used haiku in his writing.  A lot of haiku poems are about nature and our surroundings. I enjoy writing haiku poems too. They sharpen my observation and stimulate my imagination. Now here comes the first challenge:

Last year, we used six words to write a story. This year, why not be a poet? Write a haiku poem. Your poem should include nature as one of the elements. Also we adopt the traditional convention: 5-7-5 syllables. 

References for you: 

Haiku poems: definition and examples

How to write haiku poems

More examples on haiku

A video on haiku

Haiku Challenge

Join the

Art and Poetry

 Everyone can be a poet! You can find poetry in texts of different subjects. Sounds impossible right? It's true and most importantly, fun. You can even create by erasing. Want to try it?


Now, good news for junior form students! We will hold an erasure poetry workshop. In the workshop, you can be a poet and an artist. Your poem can be an art piece as well. Enroll it by clicking the link now.  

Details of erasure poetry

Nice examples of erasure poetry

EDB video on Hong Kong Poetry and Erasure Poems

Erase & Create !

Erasure Poetry Workshop

Date: 13 September 2023 (WED)

Time: 3:15-4:45pm

Venue: School library

Participants: F.1 to F.3 students


5C Oscar Yue (2021-22) wrote a piece of short writing about compulsive hoarding in the final examination. I used it to make an erasure poem (aka blackout poem). It can be read below as well.

The Problem

Old furniture, used bottles, broken computers and outdated newspapers


hills of anxiety

memories invade 

stories exacerbating space

the encroachment


There are many ways to form an erasure poem. Try to make one yourself. 

I have also written a haiku poem called "The Ink" to respond to the art here. 

Splashes the ink. Stains (5)

walls, the city; stings hearts; sink (7)

abandoned stories. (5) 

My other haiku poems will be published in the forthcoming Auroras & Blossoms haiku anthology Volume 3. The date of release is in September.  

Senior Form Students: Picture Ordering Challenge 

Below are the illustrations done by an alumnus, Matthew Chan, a master graduate in Visual Arts in Education University, when he studied here. He would like to be an art teacher. These illustrations are based on my story, Floating, which assigns magical qualities to characters in their daily life. In the story, normal characters can fly or float in the air. Try to read the story and arrange the pictures in order. Click this link and complete the google form.  Enjoy! 

Digital Stories For Fun

F.2 students created digital stories based on the theme Sacrifice using the app Toontastic. 

The Great Sacrifice of the Last Olympian     

High above the Aegean Sea stood the tallest mountain, known as Mount Olympus. And the peak of Olympus was the headquarters of the Greek Gods. There were minor deities and of course, the twelve Olympians (main deities).


It was a typical day here on Olympus, all gods and goddesses had their usual gatherings except for Hestia, the goddess of hearth and fire, who was the eldest, Olympian, didn’t like to participate in any family dramas, since family dramas were a waste of her time. She had also given up her throne in the pantheon and preferred tending the sacred hearth. While the gods were gathering, Eris, who was the goddess of strife and discord, felt fatigued and was fed up with the peaceful scenery of the gods. “Oh Olympus! This place is too boring and peaceful, it is even worse than the Underworld.” She mumbled with hatred...

He loves reading Percy Jackson series. His digital story is inspired by his reading . 

2A Anson Wong  (2022-23)
What happened next? Who would sacrifice in the end? 
The Greatest Sacrifice of the Last OlympianAnson Wong
00:00 / 08:49
A Toontastic Audio Story by Anson Wong

2E Wong Leong Hang showcased his creativity and drawing skills in his digital story, Reborn, where he added some fantastical elements to highlight the interlocking fate of a couple Entony and Christine. 


2B Cordelia Hui (2022-23) created the digital story, The Sea World 3080, weaving the message of environmental protection into the theme of sacrifice. Enjoy her Toontastic video!

Screenshot_20230613_141154_Samsung Internet.jpg
Screenshot_20230613_141210_Samsung Internet.jpg

What are the criteria of a good leader?

Screenshot_20230627_084336_Samsung Internet.jpg

2B Eva Cheuk (2022-23) has the answer for you. Her story, The Good King, shows that a good king sacrifices a lot for his people to save them from starvation. 

Screenshot_20230612_141254_Samsung Internet.jpg

2A Adrian Cheung Long Yat (2022-23) created another version of Titanic story to show what a great leader can be. Watch his Titanic 2.0--A Story of a Hero!

Screenshot_20230612_141315_Samsung Internet.jpg

2B Estelis Khu has recreated the classic story, Snow White. Her Snow White and the Queen 2.0 trains the new Snow White, inspired by the kind-hearted Queen, from a disobedient girl to a feminist leader in her kingdom. Let's read parts of her story. 

Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom, there was a princess who lived in a gorgeous and huge castle called Snow White. She had a lovely family and a magic mirror.


However, her mum, the Queen,was more popular and beautiful than her. The Queen was visitors by people all over the kingdom, and countless suitors sent her flowers every day. Snow White kept questioning the magic mirror, but the answer given by the magic mirror was always the same:

“The Queen is the most beautiful person in the world.”


Contrary to snow white, the Queen loves Snow White very much. She often left the best for Snow White, so that she could live the happiest life. But Snow White was blinded by jealousy, she always failed to notice the Queen's kindness, and felt that the Queen took everything away from her.

On the other side of the land,there was another kingdom.There lived a handsome yet an aggressive prince who judged people only based on their values of being used. His most trusted subordinates were the seven dwarfs who seemed harmless to humans and animals. He wanted to rule over Snow White's kingdom. So he sneaked into the kingdom holding the excuse of trading...

All the stories above  can be found in the coming printed anthology!!! Meanwhile, use your imagination to fill in the gaps. Be a story writer!

2nd Term 22-23  Jan 2023

The Finalists Of Six-Word Stories are... 


1C 6 Ho Yui Lam Erin


2B 24 Tison Tam

The Sun drank the whole river. 

Black Dog

Pet dog found.

2B 17 Jacob Fung

Grandpa passed away. 

Lost penguin. Travels world. Finds family. 

3C 8 Zoe Hu

We are getting married,

but separately. 

A promise. 

Small Title

A promise. 

She believed. 

He lied. 

4A 16 Cheung Lok Hei

Their Favorite picks

This “A promise. She believed. He lied.” triggers me to imagination. These are the pictures instantly coming into my head. Is it about a couple? A mother and a son? Spy stories? Two folks involving in trade secrets? Certainly, there could be many others which are for readers to imagine and run their stories.

It is like a sparkle able to light up your imagination and to inspire you to create your story plot shuttling between now and then, and among people in different roles.

This powerful word: Promise. What do you get from it?

Principal Cheung Chui Yee

Lost penguin. Travels world. Finds family.


I feel most for this story. I feel very touched by the urgency and determination with which the penguin searched for her lost family. I love the use of the words, ‘lost’, ‘world’, ‘finds family’, which immediately paint a picture in my mind—a lost penguin desperately searches for its family members. Due to its persistent efforts, it ultimately finds them and they are reunited.

I love to watch documentaries about animals and am always amazed by the instincts and love demonstrated among the animals’ families. Though they are not human beings, their behavior speaks volumes. There are strong bonds in their world, too.

The theme of ‘Family’ appeals to me very much. I am a person who is fortunate to have beloved ones in my family. In times of ups and downs, happiness and despair, the support and unconditional love from my family are of utmost importance.  Without them, I am not sure if I could have overcome the challenges and anxieties I face from time to time.

Last but not least, I love the story because it has a perfect ending. I love happy endings. For instance, in this case, I could not bear to see the penguin travelling to many places and in the end, being unable to find her parents or family.  This would be very sad. In my heart, I always hope that every person and animal can find love which fulfills their life. So, thanks to the author of this story, there is warmth and goodness displayed in it.

 Mrs. CH Wong, Vice Principal

Details on public votes on the grand champion will be released soon. We want to know your choice and view too. 

Fun Talk 

What is your earliest childhood memory? 

For Jacob Fung 2B, it was about NOISE. Let's read his what he wrote for top ten in  young post. Click here

What about you? 

Eva Cheuk from 2B likes the animated film, The Incredibles a lot. She wants to possess superpower. She would like to befriend a character in the movie. Which one can you guess she likes most? Why? 

Let's read more about her post in Top Ten.  Do you want to be that character? 

Which fictional character would you like to befriend?